Our vision is to create opportunities for housing near the docks, next to the ocean and rebuild the old industrial harbour into a marina. Parts of the old factory building will be rented out to non-disturbing enterprises, such as warehouses etc.


To create an attractive future Karlholm.
To increase accessibility to an active and lively archipelago.
To develop the cultural environment.


To transform a closed off industrial area into a public and accessible area.
To make the entire Karlholm area more attractive, while making sure to involve the local residents in the development.
To create dwellings, services and job opportunities, making for financial viability.
To give Karlholm a new facade facing the ocean and the archipelago.


• To create an attractive and mixed development with different types of housing, such as small houses, weekend cottages and apartments next to the ocean, where some of the dwellings will have direct access to the ocean. A variety of accommodations for all ages.
• To create an attractive harbour area with a square, berths for motorboats and sailing boats and a service centre. The dock area shall make the most of the view, as well as be accessible to the public and provide opportunities for relaxation and swimming.
• To create opportunities for recreation and experiences by building attractive passages and places.
• To facilitate activities, both within the cultural environment but also in the Karlholm archipelago, and in doing so, creating a brand.
• To create services for boat owners and facilitate marine experiences such as canoeing, fishing etc.
• To generate business ideas and create jobs by attracting different consumer groups.