1800 m2 to let. The facility is suitable for industry, sales

1800 m2 to let. The facility is suitable for industry, sales, warehouse and/or offices.
We are currently restoring an 1800 square meters, well-insulated building by painting floors, ceiling and walls. The building has generous ceiling height and large front doors to facilitate loading and unloading of goods, and a new heating system has been installed. There are also large areas of land in the immediate area. The building is suitable as a storage facility, offices or sales. We would prefer enterprises that are somehow connected to the area surrounding Karlholm Strand. The area has a security gate and camera surveillance. Aside from this facility, we have other premises suitable for enterprises of all sizes.

Lunch restaurant to let

The construction of a new lunch restaurant in Karlholm has commenced. Are you interested in operating it? The restaurateur will have the option to rent the facilities and run the restaurant under his or her own flag. Please contact us for more information.

Industrial premises (90-300 square metres) for sale shortly

New industrial spaces with unlimited possibilities are emerging in Karlholm Strand. The premises are between 90 and 300 square meters. (Note that even bigger facilities are available if the need arises). The premises have large front doors (6 meters in height) and are fully insulated with the highest fire safety rating. Water, plumbing and electricity has been installed in the property. The premises are mainly intended for manufacturers or light industries, but will be suitable for other enterprises such as garages for boats, cars or trucks. Traverses can be installed in some of the premises.

Båtgarage 90-300 sqm - For Sale shortly

Parking garage with unprecedented opportunities emerging in Karlholm Beach. The premises are between 90-300 sqm (even larger if needed) They have 6 meter high gates, are fully insulated with the highest fire rating. Water, sewage and electricity available in the property.
The venue is primarily thought of as a small / light industrial area but also works as a car / truck / boat garage or other activities.
Ability to traverse found in some of the premises.


Contact: Peter Bergström
E-mail: peter@karlholmstrand.se
Phone: +4670-601 41 76


The purpose of rebuilding and renovating Karlholm Strand, is to transform this former industrial area into an accessible and attractive area with enterprises, housing, services and a new marina. Karlholm will be a place of recreation and culture, and the area will be given a face-lift, so that Karlholm is shown in its best light. The main features of the plan are:

  • To give the area new uses for its land such as housing and a market place with room for boat services, café, kiosk, restaurant and shops in connection to the harbour.
  • That the land with the former mills is given a new purpose such as services, trade, warehouses and boat garages. All of this shall be accomplished while keeping the impact on the surroundings to a minimum.
  • That the former boiler building as well as the old evaporation building is rebuilt and used for housing, as well as a market center with shops, restaurants, a hotel etc.
  • That opportunity is given to erect a marina for pleasure boats in the water area by the existing harbour.
  • That a pier for pleasure boats is permitted within the water area of the premises.
  • New streets and squares will be built, as well as parks and green areas.